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Oleksandr Krasnov

Head of Air & Sea Department
tel.: +38 (044) 390 51 21

Presentation of the service

Company news

International sea shipments occupy a big part of the freight market. For today, this type of transportation is the most economical if it is necessary to deliver cargo for long distances.

Container shipments are one of the most common ways of delivering goods in the international trading system. DSV Company provides a wide range of services associated with forwarding of container shipments around the world.

Transportation of groupage cargoes as LCL (Less than Container Load) is a possibility of transportation of consolidated cargoes with a volume from 1 cubic meter (or weight from 1 ton), which is one of the most economical types of transportation.

A new direct multimodal transport route from DSV - weekly shipments from China to Kiev for 21 days by rail.

DSV provides services for intra-port freight forwarding, which includes the control and organization of cargo handling and the preparation of all the necessary transportation documents.

The fastest and most profitable, as well as the most reliable, economical and efficient solution for container transportation is multimodal transportation.

The delivery of perishable and «capricious» goods such as fruit, meat, fish and many other items which can quickly get spoiled and need obligatory control of a certain temperature regime, is organized by refrigerator containers.

Flexitanks are elastic tanks, produced from special polymeric materials, which are used for the transportation of liquid cargo in containers.

DSV Company is constantly developing and is doing its best to correspond to the market demands, and we are now ready to offer Ukrainian farmers an advantageous and comfortable option for delivering grain crops abroad - in containers

DSV provides a full range of insurance services from all logistics risks at transportation of goods by sea. Sea cargo insurance is a responsible task, which can only be handled by a company with years of experience.

DSV сompany assists its customers in the entire process of customs clearance of goods, export, import and transit, with the least expenditure of time and money

Businesses and logistics

In Ukraine, it is very difficult to build a business. No, the possibilities are limitless, but unfortunately the bureaucratic procedure is so complicated that many businessmen just leave the idea undone. But when you survive for the first several years, it becomes easier with time. Business has to develop; it is a clear fact. And most of the business owners choose to become international. This variant is rather smart, as the status of international company helps you be more famous and appear more reliable even in your own country. But it is not as easy to achieve as it may seem.

First thing you have to do to become international company is to have orders from another countries. But receiving orders is not the most difficult part, the main problem is fulfilling them. For example, for delivering cargo abroad you need to have the necessary permissions and a partner-company in logistics, which can do the shipping itself.

Which advantages you get, when you become international? Let us review at least some of them:

  • • status of an international company makes your image more reliable and professional;
  • • working in several countries extends the number of your clients;
  • • international status gives you opportunities to work with companies abroad;
  • • foreign currency investments are more likely.

For fulfilling services properly, you have at least collaborate with a logistics company, which can do the shipping abroad for you. Such a company can be found both in your country and abroad. We recommend you to look through the list of Ukrainian companies in order to keep in touch with them without any problems.

Sea transportations from and to Ukraine

Logistics is a much more difficult branch of science than one can think. Not only do you need to know the routes and the easiest ways to get from the point of departure to destination, but also all the documents and conditions for the cargo have to be prepared.

As for the shipping methods, there can be many of them. For example, there are three main ways of delivery:

  • • transportation by air;
  • • shipping by sea;
  • • delivery by road.

Any of the methods can be used according to the aim you have for the transportation process. For example, if the cargo has to be in China tomorrow, there is no better way to send it than an airplane. But if you can wait and want to save money, think about rail or ship.

DSV and transportation by sea

For the comfort of our clients we offer the service of sea freight. You can contact us for discussing the peculiarities of the cargo and your main requirements, and we will offer you the conditions, which would be suitable for both sides.

DSV company has already transported lots of packages by sea and is ready to do it again. The most important detail in the whole process is that you agree to work with us to see the quality of our services yourself. Choose shipping by the sea, if your destination country is comfortable to achieve via this shipping method.