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Sergiy Volyk

Head of Air Transportation
tel: +38 (044) 591 18 25

Presentation of the service

Company news

The service of transportation by air is needed to deliver the goods as soon as possible to your destination.

To reduce transportation costs DSV offers the delivery of goods in a combined way - by air and road.

By "consolidation' we mean combining several different loads into a single consignment. This method of transportation is beneficial for non-urgent transportation of consignments at the most optimal cost.

DSV offers air cargo insurance based on the type of cargo, route, duration of the transportation, urgency of delivery and others.

DSV сompany assists its customers in the entire process of customs clearance of goods, export, import and transit, with the least expenditure of time and money

Traveling by air

How do you prefer to travel? We do not mean the country or “all inclusive” kind of things, but mostly the transport. And we are pretty sure, that you choose plane, if only you do not have a phobia. Of course, this method is the most quick and comfortable comparing to all the cars, trains, buses and so on.

Usually when we go to Egypt, for example, it is possible to get into the plain in the morning and arrive till lunch. So, you almost feel nothing while getting to the destination. This is the effect many people want for their trips, which is why they choose planes. Well, we understand it, because trains in summer are disaster.

Have you ever thought how we can breathe in the air if the condition of the air on the heights of the plane is not suitable for our organs? Yes, the plane has its own microclimate, allowing us to breathe and feel well during the whole traveling process. It means, that if necessary planes can transport various things with the necessary conditions in it.

The same thing can be said about the cargo transportation. You can create the conditions for your cargo in plane and ship it properly.

Transportation by air

Among all the transportation types, airfreight is one of the best. There are many reasons to use air transportation for your next cargo delivery, and here is why:

  • • planes are very fast – so you can fulfill very quick deliveries;
  • • planes can be equipped with the stuff needed for the cargo, like fridge;
  • • planes are ruled by people and the cargo is being watched;
  • • your load is safe on the plane.

Air shipping nowadays is a very popular method of delivery from China. Usually along with the air method of transportation, people use groupage cargo (possibility to include your load into a big package of several senders).

Yes, this delivery method is rather expensive. But the result you get, we now mean the speed and quality, is undeniable. Air transportations are usually fulfilled by successful logistics companies, as they require certain knowledge and preparation.

DSV and air transportations

In our company, air shipping is also one of the provided services. Using this type of transportation, you can help your cargo get to another country with the fastest possible method. With the managers of DSV logistics company you will decide which plane is suitable for transporting the goods you have. Also, depending on the cargo, terms, type of plane and transportation peculiarities you will calculate the accurate value of the service.

We aim to provide everyone who needs us the services of high quality. Moreover, depending on your requirements we will try to prepare the best offer, which will satisfy all of your wishes concerning the cargo delivery.

Do not hesitate to contact DSV to choose the shipping method for your situation. We guarantee, that you will be glad with the services we provide and their pricing policy actual for our company. Please, feel free to text or call us in case any additional information is needed.