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About DSV


DSV Global Transport and Logistics starts its history in a small Danish town Skuldelev, in an adjacent accommodation to the house of Leif Tulberg, one of the founders of the international logistics operator.
"Family Business", which is supported by 11 employees (4 freight forwarders, 5 account managers, Leif and his wife), quickly turns into a big company.

Summer 1976

10 independent transport companies unite under the name of DSV (De Sammensluttede Vognmænd - combined truckers). Leif Tulberg, the same manager, whose business has recently suffered from disappointing conjuncture in the logistics market, becomes the head of the big union.


DSV Company, with the guidance of Leif Tulberg, increases its capacity and moves into a new office. Business is developing so rapidly that within two months the team are forced to move to a more spacious office.
Principles of the Company head lead the company to success.
They have remained unchanged to this day:
1. The owners of the company - truck drivers (they are also the shareholders).
2. The Company does not own any truck (transparent assets).
3. First – you earn, then – you spend! (the focus is on the value).

The end of the '80s

DSV Company opens its first Department of international transport. This significantly affects the development of local business, which entails opening new offices across the country. Ahead of the team there are offices in Rorup, Oem, Broendby, and finally, the team are settled in their first international headquarters in Hedehusene. The company is rapidly increasing its resource base by purchasing the assets of small local businesses.

1997 - 2000

A series of successful strategic mergers lead to a dynamic development of the company. Some of the key acquisitions are: Samson Transport in 1997 and DFDS Dan Transport Group in 2000. This increases DSV total revenues by 24 times! The effectiveness of the decisions taken is proved by practice: decisions upon mergers and acquisitions are paying their dividends in the form of satisfied customers and well-developed logistics base. The influence of DSV network is increasing significantly in the Nordic countries, the UK, the Baltic countries and Europe. The company receives a key position in air and sea freight.


Upon acquisition of the Dutch logistics holding with 100-year old history Frans Maas, the first office of DSV Global Transport and Logistics opens on the territory of Ukraine.


Positions in international sea freight and air transportations are considerably enhanced with the acquisition of J.H. Bachmann.


In January 2016 a crucial agreement between DSV and UTi Worldwide is signed.

Welcome to DSV!
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Why us?


position among the logistics operators worldwide


countries we serve


offices, terminals and warehouses

10 000 м2

area of our warehouses in Ukraine

20 000

trucks, travelling daily worldwide

40 000

number of employees



Logistics companies in Ukraine

Ukrainian entrepreneurs usually want their business to be international. Of course, this desire is totally clear, as you can work with a wider target auditory, and after the company grows enough to have internationally famous name, you can raise the prices and, as a result, your income. But how can one invade foreign market without delivery services?

Nowadays there is a whole lot of logistic companies you can turn to. However, their work quality, prices, terms and professionalism can differ very much. Thus, from all the companies out there it is necessary to choose one you can rely on.

One of the most experienced and professional logistic companies in Ukraine is DSV. If you have ever collaborated with a logistic company, you probably know, that the main criteria, indicating a good transportation company, are:

  • • terms of transportation;
  • • services’ pricing;
  • • reputation of the company;
  • • technical equipment;
  • • storage options.

Not only does your cargo need to be delivered to another country, but also very often it is necessary to keep it somewhere. Logistic companies should have the storehouses for you to leave the cargo. Well, we do.

DSV logistics company

If you need qualitative services on cargo transportation, why do not you check out the website of DSV? Our company has been successfully working for over 10 years in Ukraine and fulfilling logistic services to 80 countries of the world.

People come to us when they want their business to grow and become international. Providing foreigners with your goods can bring you popularity and create an image of your company abroad. It is easy to achieve only if there is a reliable partner ready to fulfill your logistics. Transport company in Ukraine has many responsibilities, including not only transportation itself, but also many side processes. DSV has been working with many international companies and has helped many of the partners to become international too. We do not only deliver your cargo, but also help you store the goods for the time you need.

History of the company

DSV is a company with 100% foreign capital acting in the name of DSV corporation in Ukraine. DSV was created by combining two European holdings: a Dutch logistic holding Frans Maas, with its over 100-year history, and Danish logistic corporation DFDS.

DSV Logistics’ Ukrainian affiliate was founded in 2003. Later, in 2005 the company bought J.H. Bachmann and air and sea transportations developed a lot. Nowadays DSV provides the clients with following services:

  • • sea logistics;
  • • air logistics;
  • • land freight;
  • • railway transportations;
  • • responsible storage service;
  • • other logistic services;
  • • customs brokerage services.

One of the 5 top logistic company in the world nowadays is your choice to work with if you look for a complex logistic solution. In any particular case it is necessary for us to create unique conditions of collaboration with a client to match their requirements and pricing.

Today over 45000 people work in DSV company all over the world. Each of them does their best to provide the clients with high quality logistic solutions. Together with Ukraine, the company’s affiliates are places in more than 80 countries.

Main working principles

Being in the list of best transportation companies is not an easy point to achieve. We got there only through hard work and high standards. We have certain principles of fulfilling services the way clients appreciate and compliment. Here is a short list of the basic points we follow:

  • • reliability (we have been providing services for many years and our reputation is the best proof of your trust);
  • • quality (every trip is well-prepared with the best technical machines and professional drivers, the storage process is being controlled by the specialists, all the logistic solutions are based on previous experience and new ideas);
  • • orientation on the long-term partnership (we are fully aware, that the better services you get today, the more chances you come back to us for another ride);
  • • smart prices (as the company works all over the world and the cargo is being delivered every day, we can offer you a comfortable pricing system).

In Ukraine transport and logistics have been actively developing for only 10 years or so. However, we are represented on Ukrainian market for 15 years. DSV was one of the first companies to open the world to Ukraine, and now we continue collaborating with local entrepreneurs. So, if logistic services are what you are looking for, try working with us, and we guarantee you successful and pleasant collaboration!